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When News Sounds and Fury Propaganda Infiltrates Major Sports Media Venues

Not long ago, I was at Starbucks talking to a graduate student in broadcast journalism. The gentleman I was talking to loved sports, and rather despised the news. We talked quite a bit about the Olympics, and the various commentary along with how that sporting event was being characterized by the mainstream media. He explained to me that all too often the news of sound and fury, and propaganda infiltrates such major sports media venues, where armchair coaches and political pundits chime in on things they know nothing about. Indeed I agree, as probably you do to, but let’s talk about this for second shall we?My acquaintance said that he didn’t trust the news, and didn’t want to have anything to do with it. He didn’t like the business news, nor did he like the TV news which had disaster of the day somewhere around the globe, or all the negative stuff they put on prime time. He wanted to stay away from that during his career, and as an intern he was working hard in the sports venue, and he liked that quite well. He also noted that many of the local TV stations simply cannot afford the staff levels of before. In broadcast journalism he learned how to give an interview, interview himself, and cover a sporting event without any help.Often he would go to multiple sporting events in the evening, watching one game until half time, and then going to another. He would set up the camera on a tripod, write it up, do the announcements, prepare the highlights, and then deliver it to prime time TV. He did it all, mostly because the TV station has cut their staff to bare-bones due to budget cuts, as fewer and fewer advertisers are paying the big bucks they once were. Many of the advertisers have gone to the Internet, major cable stations, and divided up their remaining advertising and marketing dollars amongst newspaper, radio, TV, and Internet.When you are working as a sports media personality the competition is tough, and this gives him the advantage because he is younger and is able to work cheaper, and some of the old-timers are retiring. Nevertheless, he is working three times as hard as they ever did, without the support staff to get it done, as now he has to do it all. Because of all this it allows prime time news casters to make comments about sporting events, and they often get the story wrong. That’s always been common for news events let’s just hope it doesn’t continue in the sports venue. Please consider all this and think on it.